Veterans are the most giving people in America. Their dedication to our country deserves the utmost respect. However, it is an unfortunate reality that many veterans struggle to readjust when they return home — homelessness and addiction are significant problems.

Our team understands the common pitfalls that veterans face and the best way to escape these difficulties. We help unemployed veterans find their footing by providing them with career options when they return home.

Our team strives to create careers, jobs and or businesses in fields related to what each veteran performed while serving our country.  We focus on guiding veterans into business ownership so they can also hire other veterans that can serve different positions these fields.

What We Do

There are many amazing groups across the nation that support veterans by providing them with housing and food. We, however, take a different, progressive approach by starting at the root of the issues that veterans face. We believe that providing veterans with  Career Choices and Work Source Programs related to what their vocation was during their service does more long-term good than simply handing out goods and services. Our members put in extra time to seek out veterans who have proven a commitment to improving their situation. For example, we check rehab facilities for veterans who have put in the hard work to quit their addiction. We are proud to be the only organization in our area that does the work that we do.

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About Us

Terecor Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Corporation under the Internal Revenue Code. We are an organization dedicated to supporting the men and women who fought for our country.  Our nonprofit was founded in 1976 by our president, J.D. Reed Jr. He named the company by combining the first 4 letters of his daughter's middle name, Teresa, with the first 3 letters of his son's middle name, Cornelius.  Throughout his career, Mr. Reed set up businesses in a wide variety of industries — music, private security, paralegal, and business technology.  He realized that veterans have many skills that were being underutilized and for this reason, he switched his focus to creating careers for veterans based on their profession during their service.


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